Eleanor Swan Symbiosis: A Delicate Balance

'Pathways' - Group Exhibition with Sult Artists

Listen: Ceramicist Eleanor Swan speaks to the inspiration behind her sculpture 'Symbiosis: A Delicate Balance'. 

Cahir Arts presents 'Pathways', a group exhibition with Sult Artists Collective.

This exhibition explores the different paths the Artists have taken, in their lives and their Art practices, and as a Collective of Multidisciplinary Artists. 

Visitors to the exhibition may scan a QR code which will play a recording of sounds, from nature or spoken word, that influenced the Artist in the creation of the piece of art. 

Sult Artist Collective will exhibit at Cahir Arts, Wednesday 5th June to Saturday 13th July. The exhibition opens on Friday, 7th June from 6pm. Enquiries to Siobhán cahirarts@gmail.com ph. +353 89 203 6096.


Detail of 'Not all Streets are Paved with Gold'

Irish Times: Newbridge exhibition celebrates 1922 through art and history

Irish Times, May 2022

An art exhibition by the ‘SULT’ collective in Newbridge commemorates political and social change in Kildare in 1922 and after.


Newbridge exhibition celebrates 1922 through art and history – The Irish Times





May 27, 2022 — Eleanor Swan