I am a ceramic artist working from my studio at Russborough House since 2011. I am a hand builder at heart and use a variety of clays for my work, from grogged, architectural stoneware clays for my large sculptural pieces, to fine porcelain for my more delicate work. Having worked in clay for so many years, I am beginning to realise that my art is a form of storytelling. There is great freedom in that and it allows me to respond to the world around me in so many different ways.  

My themes can be varied according to the particular project I am working towards, but in general they have a political narrative or are  social commentary on issues that exist in our world today.

Without a doubt, my porcelain work is influenced by the magnificent stucco work within Russborough House, created by the Lafranchini brothers, and of course, the wonderful plants and flowers within the grounds of Russborough are an endless source of inspiration. 

You are very welcome to explore my website and shop. You may view my full Curriculum Vitae, get in touch here, or read all of the up-to-date news