into Chaos

Dissension into chaos was made while on a Residency at New Taipei City Yingge Ceramic Museum. I left Ireland on January 1st, to begin a 3 month residency, in the midst of huge issues relating to the whole homeless problem in the country. It had been in the news for months and was uppermost in everyones minds so I felt compelled to make a piece reflecting these issues. After much experimenting and a few different starts this was the final piece and one that I was very happy with.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

To some, it seems the world is in a state of chaos with great uncertainty and political upheaval everywhere. ‘Dissension Into Chaos’ has a political narrative, it is a social comment on the current state of affairs on both a national and international scale, but while it appears we are going through a very dark time in history, we are just going through a time of great change. 

Whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking, an opportunity for creativity and growth. We must re-assess and re-evaluate how we live our lives and I have no doubt, if we learn from the past and deal with this turmoil in the correct way, our world will be a better place to live in…chaos is the inspiration!