Taiwan Residencies

I have been very fortunate to spend time in Taiwan on two occasions. The first time I worked on the first tactile exhibition “A Touch of Pottery’ at the New Taipei City, Yingge Ceramics Museum and this was a follow on from my masters research project which was an in investigation into art and accessibility for those with a visual impairment.

This was an amazing experience and I created 26 pieces for the exhibition, which also included wonderful tactile works from the museums own collection. The exhibition was such a success that they now have a permanent tactile exhibition at the Museum. The second residency, again for 3 months, followed the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale. I am forever grateful for these opportunities as they allowed space and time to work through and develop new ideas. 

This was a 3D representation of a smaller version of a vessel in the permanent collection in the museum. The tactile aspect of this piece was very important for people with visual impairment to experience this work of art.

Engaging with the public is also encouraged while on these residencies. On the first occasion I presented a workshop to members of the public at the museum and on the second occasion I carried out a series of workshops with students at a the New Taipei Municipal Yingge Vocational High School.