at Castletown House

The challenge for me, for this exhibition, was to create ceramic pieces with a timeless quality that would sit comfortably within these surroundings. Porcelain is the perfect material to convey the delicate features of many of the flowers depicted in the print room. 

I find myself drawn to the intricacy of plants, examining the veins of a leaf, how its edges are shaped, and the layering of a flower’s petals. My large flower pot reflects the colour palette and flow of the characters on the paintings in the parlour, and the coloured orbs are inspired by the kitchen garden.

The challenge was to create work that would be timeless in the Castletown setting.

There are so many inspiring aspects to Castletown House, from the magnificent stucco work, the colours in the Boudoir, the chandeliers in the ballroom and the intricate Rococo frames surrounding the paintings.……the inspiration is endless.