Fine Giornata

Fine Giornatatranslates to end of the day, and Argilla di Fine Giornatatranslates to 'clay at the end of the day'. Apprentices who worked in glass or ceramic studios would often have the opportunity to make their own work with leftover materials at the end of the day and these creations were often called Fine Giornata.

For many years I have been making work, for commissions or exhibitions, for which I have made a large collection of plaster moulds, as the works generally have one or more repetitive elements. Reflecting on the current issues of sustainability and recycling, I decided to reuse the moulds and see how these individual pieces could work together and form something that was visually exciting. Each of the different elements in these floral arrangements have a story to tell, span 10 years or more and have traveled many thousands of miles.

Scroll down to see examples of my 'Fine Giornata'. 





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